With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?

I am not one to write to others but I stumbled upon your blog when in a oddly off state of mind. I felt rather sad and lonely, gazing into nostalgia, but the photos and music and beauty youve so delicately put the effort to exhault on here was exactly what I needed. It might be odd to be so moved by such visual arousal but my gratitude doesnt change. From one stranger to the next, thank you for changing my day. xx vee asked by iamsimplyvee

Your words…they have not yet sunken in. They will continue to stick to the deep crevices of my mind, like moths to firelight. I truly appreciate your kind words, and honestly, I can’t express to you how much solace it brings me to know that something as simple as my…blog…has delighted another being’s soul, even if only for a night. The impossible odds that were at work when you stumbled upon my blog, deeply surprise me, however, I am infinitely glad that you found it. Also, I can’t thank you enough for taking notice of the effort I’ve actually put into my blog. It’s not often that someone notices the fact that I treat my blog like I’d treat a rose; with delicacy. From one thoughtful mind to another, thank you for giving my existence, and actions a greater meaning. :)

Forgotten Potential…

The size of Earth, in comparison to… let’s say, the sun… is equivalent to the size of a grain of sand. And even then the size of the sun, in comparison to Betelgeuse, is equivalent to the size of 1 pixel… and this is so on and so forth for however limited or infinite you think space really is. So taking that into consideration, Earth is basically nothing in size, yet it still amazingly exceeds the size of us, just like we amazingly exceed the size of a micro-organism. Yet… regardless of this, people still think that the only way of life is living the life that has been handed down to us from generations and generations of misguided people with closed off ideals. Our potentials aren’t limited to pursuing one choice of study for our one choice of career that we’ll have, just to make money to buy flashy material things… and they aren’t limited to feelings of being worthless if we don’t look a certain way or fit up to a certain ideal. Our potentials as human beings are actually infinite, but only if recognized. Sometimes I just want to shake some people, tell them to drive into the desert in the middle of the night just to look at the stars and think about life for a little while. A lot of people really need that.